Friday, April 27, 2012

Oral Challlenge

  Last Monday, my mother and I took Ty back to Duke for his oral "baked egg" challenge that we scheduled last year.  The reason why they wanted to do the oral baked egg challenge was that even though his IgE levels to egg were high, his IgE levels for baked egg were 0. If he tolerated this challenge, then he would be required to eat something containing egg baked at 350 or higher to build an immunity to egg and hopefully outgrow his whole egg allergy sooner.  So they, and myself were pretty certain there would not be a reaction. Ty was so scared that he might have a reaction, I literally told him "mommy has such a peace about this, I'm SURE YOU WILL NOT HAVE A REACTION!" HORRIBLE MOM!!!!! But its true, I really didn't think he would react.
  The way it works is every ten minutes Ty has to eat a bite of a sponge cake that my mom made and every ten minutes, the bite gets bigger until he has ingested at least 1/8th of the cake.  Sounds pretty big but to anyone else, its a normal size piece of cake.  
  The first few bites went ok. We gave him a coke to choke it down with since he is not used to this taste or texture. As the bites got bigger, he started to get less compliant. He started off just wanting to lay in my lap (a sign of not feeling well) then after about the fourth or fifth bite, he was scratching violently at his ears and saying he was full. He was refusing to eat it and I was still oblivious. Then after I threaten his life b/c he was pitching the worst fit ever-I realized, oh wait, something might be going on here. Then he started getting the hives on the face and one on his back. So we quickly called it off. Even after then, I questioned whether we did the right thing and were the hives just from crying so much? Then the sneezing and vomiting came and I found some sort of relief in that b/c it was our affirmation that this truly was a reaction. Luckily it was not anaphylactic and Benadryl was all he needed.

   But for me, this was so disheartening b/c this was the one allergen he tested negative to where as the milk, nut, and regular egg were still so high. So to think something he technically should have been able to handle, he couldn't-was a hard pill to swallow. But at the end of the day, nothing changes and I'm ok with that. I really want to try to Praise God even if He decides not to take all this away. I really have a peace about that and I'm excited to see what God is gonna do with Ty regardless. Does that make sense?
  I try to picture myself actually face to face with my "Heavenly Father" and asking him for a car.  He looks at me and smiles and says "maybe."  Then I become selfish and say "my dad promises to get me and car and I hope its a corvette."  Then, I turn 16 and suddenly I am mad at my "Father" because not only did he not get me a shiny new corvette, he didn't even get me a car!  Then I go back to the initial conversation and realize, he never promised me a car-much less a corvette!!!! But during all this, he has gotten me from point A to point B with no problem.  And for that I AM GRATEFUL!!!!  I know God can take all of this away and heal Ty immediately if that is His will; HOWEVER, I am grateful even if He doesn't take this away.  God has always protected Ty and the end result has always been positive.  I do not want to be a "brat" to my "Heavenly Father".  I will praise His name no matter what.  And I pray that He will use our situation to greater His name and purpose.  But I know we will still have challenges and not sure how we are going to get through them, but God will continue to get us from point A to point B and I find so much relief in that promise.
  On a different note, calling all teacher friends!!!!  We have officially started the process of dealing with the public school system.  His information and medical records have been submitted and the initial conversation was less than pleasant.  From an insider, we have been informed that "the school legally does not have to do anything until they are in first grade because legally they don't have to go to school until then." WHAT?????  I hope this was just an uninformed, ignorant statement but whether it is on the record or off, it seems wrong to me.  But I promise I will let you guys know what is going on every step of the way.  Ty has a right to be taught and taught safely.  Whether this happens at school or at home, we pay taxes like everyone else and I would at least like to be treated as if we matter.  Oh, I hope this doesn't turn into a harry mess......

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