Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Fifth Anaphylaxis

That's right-it happened again!!!!! Most of you already know from Facebook but Ty had his fifth anaphylaxis last Thursday. Keep in mind, he is only four. We were hit by what seemed to be a tornado last Wednesday and lost power for about 24 hours so we packed up and went to our other safe "haven" my mom's house. Everything was fine until that evening after I had gone to work and received an urgent call from Chad telling me to come home because it didn't look good. By the time I got home, Ty's face was completely red and slightly swollen and the rash had taken over his body. Chad and my sister Stefanie had already given him benadryl but now was the time for the epi-pen. They held him down as I gave it to him and my dad called 9-1-1. The ambulance took us to Greenville Memorial where they ordered a bunch of blood work (our new allergist Dr. Pulcini)and monitored him for about 24 hrs. They were testing for a condition where your body has random reactions like this but luckily he tested negative. However, his food allergy testing came back from the previous allergist's appointment and we got good news and bad news. The good news is Ty's IgE levels for egg and nuts has gone down significantly from when he was one PRAISE GOD!!!! But the bad news is his milk allergy was off the charts. A normal allergic IgE level is 15 (on a scale of 1-100), Ty is still testing 100+ since birth. Which means he can't even be in the same room as the milk protein.
The doctor's concern is that since we have had two reactions with no known causes, Ty might have some sort of exercised induced anaphylaxis. That basically means if Ty comes in contact with one of his allergens, any normal time it might not send him into anaphylaxis, but mixed with exercise it could. Just a theory at this point. Our allergist has decided to send Ty to Duke for more testing and to see more doctors who are familiar with cases like Ty. Out of the allergists here in town, he is the worst they have ever seen. But we are very thankful that Dr. Pulcini is being proactiv and wants to help us. Ty is four years old. He should be concerned about toys, dirt, and candy not epi-pens and anaphylaxis. But God is in control and yet again, like a cat, Ty survived. :) In fact, he handles it much better than I do. Just the other day he comforted me by saying "don't worry mom, soon I won't have these allergies anymore." wow. I guess if he can do it, I better figure out a way right? Still working on that one. But in the mean time I have decided to take over the SAFE meetings (a support group for people living with food allergies) so I am already finding people to share stories with and to support each other through our isolating lives. God is good-all the time!!! Its just up to us to remind ourselves of that. We will keep you posted on our Duke appointment (in August) and you guys-keep up the prayers :)

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