Friday, March 25, 2011


Three weeks ago today, Ty suffered his fourth, and probably most severe anaphylactic reaction.

Let me start at the beginning. For those who do not know our situation, four years ago, Ty was born with severe food allergies. To make a long story short, we knew when he was eight days old that something was wrong. He broke out in a severe rash from head to toe right after I nursed him. I'll never forget what I had cooked the night before-lump crab meat macaroni and cheese. I asked the doctor could it be a reaction to something I ate and the doctor said "there's no way food allergies can be passed through a mother's milk." Keep in mind this was four years ago and food allergies have risen 400% (something crazy like that). Ty was tested at 6 months old and we knew then the demon we were dealing with. At nine months old he suffered his first anaphylactic reaction. Since then we have had three more attacks. For those who are not familiar with the phrase anaphylactic reaction-basically if the epi-pen is not administered in time, he dies. He has been in anaphlyaxis four times now and HE IS ONLY FOUR YEARS OLD!!!!

Three weeks ago today, Chad had been out of town and came home excited to see the kids and wanted to get out of the house with. With Ty we are very limited on places to go so we took the kids to Target. I was there to get a sound machine for Tanner so we let Ty pick a toy out of the dollar section. Tanner and Ty were pretty good in the store but for some random reason Ty put the particular toy in his mouth like a two year old. I said to him "get that out of your mouth, you don't know if it has yucky food on it." By the time we got home everything seemed normal. We dressed the kids for bed and began reading one of Ty's favorite books. Ty usually likes to finish each line but tonight his cough kept getting in the way. He had just gotten over his second round of the flu the week before so I assumed it was leftover cough and a nebulizer treatment would do the trick. I took him downstairs and gave him a treatment while Chad put Tanner to bed. During the treatment Ty starting falling asleep and as I deliberated on whether or not to hold him and let him sleep on me for a while (get a little cuddle time out of it :) ) it was as if God whispered in my ear-GO TURN ON THE LIGHT.... As I did I turned around to see Ty's face swollen and red as if he was wearing a red ski mask. I knew right away it was bad. I told him he was having a reaction and like a champ he choked down his double dose of benadryl (along with plenty of vomit b/c he cannot take medicine without throwing up). Ten minutes later my parents show up and my dad and Chad have to physically hold Ty down while I give him the epi-pen and call 911. When the ambulance came, they had to give him a second shot and his symptoms (swollen face, swollen stomach, hives, rash, blue around eyes) did not get better for 2 1/2 hours!!! To someone who has never been through this, basically your body hates this particular food so much it will turn off each organ like you turn off each light in your house before bed. The epi-pen, if given in time, will act like a switch or back up generator, to turn everything back on (for 20 minutes at least to get to hospital). To come that close to seeing your child almost die is more than anyone should have to endure-especially the victim. All from simply touching a toy that may have had yucky food (milk, nuts, or egg for Ty) on it. FOOD ALLERGIES ARE THIS SERIOUS-LIFE OR DEATH. And PRAISE GOD He has given us life all four time. I can't even think about the other possibility or I will lose it. But God was with us every step of the way. There were so many little miracles that night that all played a part in sparing his life. It feels like pulling your child off the train tracks literally right before the train gets there.

Of course Ty takes it all in stride and is asking lots of questions and seeming to understand the answers. Yesterday he came running to me screaming that Tanner said a bad word (uh oh, one of them have heard mommy drop some bombs evidently). I asked what Tanner said and Ty said quietly "milk". LOL!!!!!! Praise the Lord it wasn't something I said-j/k. I then had to explain that it wasn't a bad word, just a bad food for Ty not Tanner, Tanner just doesn't eat it to keep Ty safe. Wow. Too funny. And sweet little Tanner, for those who worry about him, he is definitely getting better, bigger (on the "ty diet") and finding ways for his own attention. Yep, today my 21 month old (today to be exact) BROKE HIS LEG!!!!! So what Ty got three weeks ago (a lot of extra lovin'), Tanner will now get :) Note to self, don't ever prayer for a "break" unless you are specific :) So my prayer tonight is that God will not only protect Ty until the day He takes his food allergies away, but to protect and keep Ty and Tanner and maybe go a little easier on mom because God obviously thinks I can handle a lot more than I think I can.

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