Monday, August 2, 2010


Well, I have taken another break from blogging-only because it's been the same old same old; until now. Today we had both the boys tested again. I have been "pleading the BLOOD" that God would miraculously take away Ty's food allergies and did I truly believe it would happen? Yes. Did it happen? NO! In fact, Ty almost went into anaphylaxis just from the skin test. As soon as they applied the test, he started going nuts. He was fine with the prick-it was the itching and stinging that really bothered him. After about 7-10 minutes he started talking crazy and short of breath. They immediately removed the allergens and wiped his body clean. After FOUR dosages of an antihistamine and a breathing treatment-he was ok. There were probably four nurses and the allergist in there the whole time giving their sympathy and trying to win Ty over with "take homes" :) After all was said and done-Ty walked away with two t-shirts, four stickers, two lollipops and a new mask for his nebulizer (not to mention the Transformer he got after we left). His current allergies were the same-all as severe as they come-Milk, Nut, and Egg. And to make matters worse, he is now severely anaphlyatic to Almonds! It doesn't really affect us, considering we don't have any nuts in the house but that's one more thing to add to the list.
Sometimes I get so MAD that Ty has to go through this that I just want to lay on my back kicking and screaming and pitch the biggest fit anyone has ever seen. I just don't know how to let out all the fear and frustration I have. Its not the fact that we can't go out to eat, or go to birthday parties, eat pizza, enjoy family functions etc.; its the fact that these foods could KILL TY!!! Even the mere touch could do the trick. Literally everyday I fear what could happen if he is in someone else's hands-would they see the warning signs in time? I know that these fears show a lack of faith in God's healing and for that I am so sorry. I am only human. I still KNOW God will remove these one day but in the meantime I can only plead that He remain keeping Ty safe until that day comes. As a parent-I would do anything for my kids and this is such a helpless feeling. Like I said, I don't care if I never eat those things again-all I care about is taking care of my kids and keeping them safe. How do you do that when the main culprit is food? Food is everywhere. Unless I could completely wipe it out of the ecosystem , its a threat. If you do not have to deal with this-Praise God EVERYDAY!!!!! Its a very real issue and I hate that my poor baby has to live with this.