Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day

Today is such a special day for so many of us women-its Mother's Day. And with that comes great pride in the families God has blessed us with. Chad and I were talking today and as we were driving home (6:00pm) from Chester, and I was frustrated that we couldn't just grab some fast food or a pizza for a quick fix dinner. But Chad brought up a great point-he said "wouldn't you give up anything in this world for those sweet boys?" And without a single doubt I said "of course!" That is when I realized that giving up food for Ty's food allergies was the LEAST I could do. I would do anything for those boys and being a mother is a lot of things: exhausting, scary, frustrating at times, fun, hilarious,and rewarding but most importantly it is ALWAYS WORTH IT!!!

Lately things have been pretty quiet, however the last couple of days have been exciting. Emily Allen, a writer for Greenville Allergies & Parenting Examiner has written a special "Mother's Day" article on our family. She is not only an amazing writer, but she shares the same passion-educating others about food allergies. In the article she speaks of our trials and tribulations dealing with this issue. I'm so flattered she did this and so appreciative of all she is continuing to do to help spread the word. Please check out not only our article but subscribe as well (its free) and you will see why I think so highly of her.

The other morning was kind of rough because Ty woke up crying about his dream that his cousin took his ice cream away and he was upset because he didn't want to be "allerskic" anymore. He said "mommy, I'm tired of being allerskic." As my eyes filled up with tears, I calmly said "don't worry Ty, its not for much longer." Later that day I boo hooed because up until now, he has never cared and he almost felt special because of his food allergies and now he notices that he is different and missing out. That upsets me the most. I just don't ever want him to feel isolated. So until we outgrow this, my new mission is to make him feel like he is just like the rest of the world. Before I concentrated on making him feel special and although I will still strive for that-as far as food goes, I want him to feel "normal."

Now that my family is complete, Ty and Tanner have made this the best mother's day of all. No matter what is included, I am their mom and for that I am so grateful!!!

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