Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Another Scare

Never a dull moment in the Tumblin household. Last night my husband took the kids to the baseball field (as he often does) to watch their cousin practice. To make a long story short-after rolling in the grass and doing things that most boys do, he started to break out in a head-to-toe rash and complaining of a stomach ache and not feeling good. Uh oh!!!! Well Chad was very proactive and along with his mom, they brought him home, gave him benadryl and immediately bathed him to try to wash off whatever was all over him. By the time my husband called me ( I work nights) it had been about a little over an hour and he didn't seem like he was getting any better. So, I left work and Chad and Ty met me over at Greer Hospital-just in case. When Ty got out of the car, his face looked swollen and his rash was still very prominent. We kept asking him if he could breathe and with his reassurance, we watched him closely in the hospital waiting room. After about thirty more minutes, the swelling went down and Chad and I made the decision to go home and give him another half dose of benadryl and see if that does the trick. Because there was no trouble breathing, diarrhea or vomiting, we felt confident it was going to be ok. After the additional benadryl he immediately looked better.
Obviously Ty is fine and woke up this morning with beautiful, clear skin and no major repercussions. After speaking with the nurse-we have concluded that it was some kind of contact reaction. To the grass? Don't think so-he's been tested. My best guess is there was something in the grass-peanut shells, goldfish, cheetos-who knows? The thing about Ty is that you have to watch him like a hawk. If he is running towards a tree-you have to scan the tree and surrounding area before he gets there. If he is playing with kids-you gotta look them over and look for greasy shirts, cheesy hands, food on the mouth and decide if its a safe situation for Ty to be around. I know that sounds extreme-but it is necessary. Praise God it was not an anaphylactic reaction but it was a reaction and that's still scary. His little body is so sensitive to even the touch of food. So we are back to our reclusive stage where I'm scared to have him leave the house without me. Again-he does not have to ingest it to have a reaction-the mere touch can interrupt our daily lives with the potential for a severe reaction. All I can say right now is food allergies SUCK!!!!!!!

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