Tuesday, April 27, 2010

A Much Lighter Note

I feel kinda bad about how negative my earlier blog was so I am here to vindicate myself. I started the day off very crummy but since then I have had some silver lining. First, we went to Walmart (on Wade Hampton) and now they carry Earth Balance Vegan and Soy Free butter. WHOOP WHOOP. And for less than three dollars each, I was able to stock up and not feel guilty or break the bank. Which means... I can make lots of cookies, and even better, I CAN EAT THEM! And then I received an email from Emily Allen who is now the Greenville Allergies and Parents writer for The Examiner. She has decided to do a story on our family and even post a link to this blog! This means even more people will become aware of what families like us have to go through and awareness leads to changes!!! Praise GOD!!!! So things are looking up and thanks to everyone for letting me get this stuff off my chest, good or bad.

Oh, and here's a thought-if any of you are having a birthday, holiday, or any other celebration and would like some help with the menu-let me know. I not only can make the goodies, but I can help you come up with menu and make sure your function is a allergy friendly one. Just send me your allergens and what you want and I can do the rest!!! Even though my child won't eat it, I have come up with some pretty amazing good eats :)

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