Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Service Dog Update

Well, Chad and I are still in the process of getting all our ducks in a row for this service dog. It is a lot of money and a decision we can not take lightly. My feelings are "would you rather have the best surgeon operate on your child or the cheapest?" The dog is the same scenario. Of course it is not that easy and its no guarantee that it will prevent further breakouts-but it IS an added member to our team and and extra set of eyes (and not to mention a canine nose that can't be beat) and for that I believe it is worth it. So, I am asking everyone who cares anything for Ty or anything for their own children-what if this were your child-wouldn't you want help? We are busy brain storming on fund raising ideas-so all suggestions are welcome.

To explain the severity of his allergies-imagine letting your children finger paint and then not washing their hands afterwards..... Everywhere they touch has paint on it right? Imagine your beautiful house, toys, clothes, furniture, walls etc-everything is contaminated by paint! In our case-its the same thing with food. If kids (or adults) don't wash their hands after every time they eat-from there its a potential outbreak for us.

Good hygiene practices help not only keep your house clean, but it keeps Ty and other allergic kids safe. Food allergies are not just about ingestion-it can be the simple act of contact that can trigger anaplyaxis. Ideas for foods to eat on the go or snack foods that you don't have to worry about contaminating your surroundings are corn based cereals like Kix, Honeycomb, and others that are semi clean but contain wheat (which a lot of children are allergic to) are Fruit Loops, Cherrios and Apple Jacks. Other great ideas for snacks are fruit snacks and saltines. All of which are healthier options than Goldfish or Honey Nut Cherrios.

So think before you eat next time and together lets GO CLEAN!

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  1. Don't forget Snapeas.. a staple of the toddler life of Charlie, Miller and Ty!