Saturday, March 27, 2010


Today we had so many challenges-all in the same day. First of all, I tried to go to the same Subway that usually accomodates us (the one on Hudson Rd.) and when I explained to the woman (as I ALWAYS DO TO THIS SAME WOMAN/GIRL) that she needed to wash her hands and wash the knife before she got started-she rolled her eyes and said "well, this knife has not touched anything." Then I proceeded to tell her that he was also allergic to some of the breads and she went over to the manager as if to wisper about the "crazy customer" and then the manager recognized me and told her "its ok". He is usually always so nice to us and knows our situation and then when I went to check out he politely told me that she was just doing her job and that they have rules to follow and they can't be expected to break them for certain people and basically eluded to the fact that I should be happy regardless if she was a B-I-T-C-H! I told him "you do not have to do this for us-we understand" and as my eyes filled up with tears of frustration and embarrassment-I paid for my food and vow to never go back there again. So now we are down to ZERO restuarant that we can go to. I understand if they are not comfortable with my requests-but do they really need to be a boob about it? As if our lives are not hard enough-spare the look of inconvience please!

Then, because it was such a beautiful day, we promised Ty we would walk him up to the YMCA and let him play on that park; only to find there were eggs shells EVERYWHERE! We calmly told Ty we couldn't play here and promised to take him to the park in our neighborhood. As we got to the park and he saw all of his friends-we notice the lovely picnic of Chic-fil-A and milk going on in the middle of the playground-guess what? "Sorry Ty, can't play on this park either." And although it was disappointing, Ty understand and the promise of a popsicle was enough to satisfy him. I was so proud of him-I-a grown woman-wanted to pitch a fit and he was ok. The things he has to go through and is required to understand seems unfair to me but to him-they are the norm.

On the dog front-we were actually contacted by the directed of and as we were basically told Ty would be bumped up to next in line (thousands waiting)-after much conversation the director basically tells us to either pick only one of the allergens to have the dog sense of not to do it at all. That's right-I think we just got turned down b/c his were too much for the dog to handle. They are used to one sense and Ty is so anaphylatic to three and there's no way we could chose just one. Well, at least that is 20 grand we don't have to come up with... But we are back to square one. How can we ensure his safety? How can we let him out of our sight? How can we increase our safety measures? Will he ever catch a break? Will the stress of this ever decrease?


  1. What a craptastic day. Easter is not a great holiday for Ty-man. Eggs.. chocolate.. what a nightmare!!

  2. I'm telling ya-whatever happened to just using the plastic eggs? I think I was more scarred than him-he took it like a champ and did not pitch a fit-not once! And we all know the dramaKing he can be :) He made me super proud.