Wednesday, December 16, 2009


We survived Thanksgiving with no major outbreaks or incidences-thanks to all our family for working so hard to create such a "Ty friendly" atmosphere!
Well I'm happy to report that this will be the first Christmas where there are wonderful scents in the air! Last year Ty was still allergic to wheat but this year he has outgrown his wheat allergy and we have been baking out the whazoo! We found an egg substitute (3 tbs of water to 1 tbs of milled flaxseed) and it tastes great. I'm so thankful for the smell of sugar cookies in the air and yesterday we made chex mix with his Earth Balance butter. Of course Ty doesn't eat any of this but HIS MOMMY SURE DOES! I'm so grateful for an amazing family who goes out of their way to make as much "allergy free" foods as possible during these food fest holidays. I can't wait to see what Ty outgrows in 2010-I feel confident God is gonna release us from this and I am so thankful for that promise! MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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