Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Football Games

My mom brought up a good point about football games; Ty can't go. As everyone knows, we are very involved in Clemson football but now that Ty is older and walking around, the games just aren't safe anymore. The biggest culprit...peanuts! Not too long ago, I was doing it too-eating peanuts and dropping the shells in the stadium. Now, that's a death trap for my son. Would it be too extreme to ask Clemson to no longer sell peanuts at sporting venues? Probably. But it stinks for Ty and i will pray for the day we no longer have to worry about this. Until then, we will watch it from the comfort of our home. I will say that he has no idea that he's not getting to go to alot of stuff and I'm thankful for that right now. Our next big hurdle is Halloween. How are we going to handle the trick or treating issue? I'm hoping that he won't really notice it and maybe that will buy me one more year of not having to worry about it. Through trial and a lot of error, I am happy to report some VERY accomodating and safe places to eat:
Subway at Hudson Corners,
Little Pigs at Hudson Corners,
and Lil Rebel off of Locust Hill (happens to be my favorite) are all very sweet and understanding and DELICIOUS!!! So if you are looking for a nice dairy, nut and egg free meal-try one today! I would love to know some more suggestions if anyone has them.

I promise not to wait so long before my next blog.


  1. what does Ty get there? Can't wait until Jackson grows out of soy. It will open up so many doors for us in the eating dept. Right now, we can't get him anything but fruit if we go out. And most of the time he doesn't eat it. Oh yeah, and if I go thru the drive thru at McD's or something. I get a happy meal with a water and give him the toy and the water with the straw. He is happy as a clam. Poor guy! I'm like you. I'll do that now, while he doesn't know the difference. Also, I don't know if I told you. We think Jackson is allergic to Olives or Olive oil. We cut it out (we added it to baked goods and other stuff we make) and he eats better and feels great and No more diarrhea. I don't know that it can get any crazier. Anyway, stinks about you and Clemson. I would like to go to the games too but there is just no way. Maybe we could get together sometime and hang out. I'd probably get my Mom to keep Claire since she spits up and is on Milk based formula. See you soon

  2. I would love to have you and the kids over! Anytime! We are now in school only thursday and fridays so give me a call and hopefully we can set something up. P.S. Macaroni Grill has an allergy menu and there is one item Jackson can eat there-its either the Capellini Pomodoro or its the Simple Salmon. But it doesn't have any of his allergies. Its an awesome and accomodating place. call me!