Tuesday, August 25, 2009

What do food allergies look like?

This is the child that changed it all... As you can see, his food allergies have really affected him! j/k. This blog is instrumental in relaying information that could hopefully make our lives easier and maybe a little more normal. Everything we do (as a society) revolves around food and being in the South intensifies that. My goal is to be able to participate in as many things/holidays/family functions etc. as possible while maintaining a safe atmosphere for my son. Please share any information on accomodating restaurants, or even some good recipes I might be able to try.


  1. Let me know if i can be of any help. I sell food to a lot of restaurants and i can get ingredient lists that the restaurant owners don't even know. My wife has food allergies and it has been a huge adjustment just trying to learn what extra crap manufacturers put in food.

  2. oh wow, that would be incredible! let me know which restaurants you see to and i will research the menu and maybe together we will find some safe options. Yah, when you ask if milk is in chicken they look at you like you are crazy, then when you read the ingredients on the flavorings, it contains WHEY which is milk. so you would definitely be my go to person. thanks!