Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Missing Out

Today I find it very frustrating because this weekend our family is having a big get together and we have to miss out on it. Like everything we do, it revolves around good food and good friends and family and unfortunately the good food is bad for us. Because I have another child now, I find it hard to watch Ty so closely in order to ensure there is no contact or cross contamination with something he may be allergic to. And it would be unfair to everyone else to tell them they can only have the foods that are safe for him (not to mention not nearly as yummy). So, once again we cannot attend. Thankfully Ty is young and does not realize he is missing out but I worry that family might not understand or might get offended that we are always a no show. Not only do I worry about the foods that are at the function but I worry about the food people ate before they came. If they were eating nuts, did they wash their hands and face? If that child was drinking milk, is their mouth clean? Yes, he IS that allergic. I was at the pool yesterday and the lifeguard was eating peanut butter crackers and I found myself getting all panicky at the thought of crumbs falling and Ty walking on them. (ok, i know that is a stretch but that is my mindset). So, is it possible to ban milk, eggs, and nuts for everyone else b/c we can't have it? NO! But maybe it is possible to increase awareness and even promote "cleaner" eating (aka washing hands and face afterwards). Food for thought....

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

What do food allergies look like?

This is the child that changed it all... As you can see, his food allergies have really affected him! j/k. This blog is instrumental in relaying information that could hopefully make our lives easier and maybe a little more normal. Everything we do (as a society) revolves around food and being in the South intensifies that. My goal is to be able to participate in as many things/holidays/family functions etc. as possible while maintaining a safe atmosphere for my son. Please share any information on accomodating restaurants, or even some good recipes I might be able to try.

First Day

so today is the first day of my blog and i apologize for the novice-ness of this. I am new to all this. I wanted to share information with people in the Upstate and all over who might also be dealing with food allergies. As most of you know, my two year old son was born with food allergies and its been very frustrating and not to mention scary at times. To most people food can be a source of healing but for our family it can kill. We have had two major scares since he has been born. He is deathly allergic to milk, nut and egg. Praise God he has outgrown wheat, soy, corn, and oat: and we look forward to adding more to the outgrown list. 80% of children outgrow food allergies by the age 5 so we are almost half way there. Please share your experiences and tips and together we can overcome this obstacle!